May 6th 2021

new Insurance deal. 

That will beat them all. Watch This space .

So far so good  the new Insurers are far better to deal with, very helpful and can be very accommodating.

We left  Richardsons on   21st of January 2021. We should have done it years ago but loyalty was a factor for us. (frenemies) Now we are no longer associated with them and now have a new Insurer with a better deal and a much better price.Much nicer people to deal with.  In fact we probably have now the best camper van Insurance deal in Ireland and it’s exclusive to the Motorcaravan Club Members. No height rule, no walk through rule, can be used as a prime vehicle, unrestricted use,12 months foreign touring, towing a trailer, step back insurance,                       phone us for an information pack and quote

The status of home built’s is changing all the time, We have our own rules to protect our insurance scheme. Revenue  brought in much needed controls. Some of the rubbish we get asked to approve are unbelievable. We have our own name for those Scamvans. An immediate give away is lack of curtains.

As of 2021 No height rule,You can use  as a solo vehicle, can use to go to and from work commute (but no commercial trading)  you can can tow a trailer, and many more advantages.

The Club will insure standard roof vans, some times called tin tops, that have been properly converted and certified by one of our appointed SQI engineers. The basic rules are you must be able to operate in the campervan, and only from the interior, cook eat and sleep inside the vehicle. You can’t open up the back door and cook outside, these are day cruiser vans.  Sometimes call Dayvans. There must be full bodily access between the cab area and the habitation section, that means if you can jump over the seats to get out it’s not a problem. You don’t have to have a car, our insurance scheme allows a member to use the camper as their prime vehicle ,unrestricted use, and you do get a full no claim bonus. You can retain an existing bonus, or if you start with a nil bonus (usually  named drivers) you earn a bonus’

There are a number of good converters in Ireland that we  are happy to approve, Happy Campers in Wexford 086-4066056,  . Martyn Reilly Monsterevin. Vanderlust in Ennis, Eddie Lyons in Carlow 086 0576032  .PAT Fox in Nenagh 087 6683747 highly recommended, Lazy Days in Wicklow , see our front page. If you are seeking a convertor please ask us for advice. The vehicle must be fit for purpose (safe), we have a simple flyer with our guidelines as to the requirement to turn “a sows ear into a silk purse”  “Whats a Motorcaravan”is available free to anybody . We  also supply a number of good booklets How to  buy a campervan  ,”now that you have bought it what Next” “The Tavern Trail”.   And  we have a booklet “So you want to build a motorcaravan”,It’s only available to members, the cost including printing and postage is €25. We are always happy to quote for home conversions provided that the conversion has been approved by our engineers.Please take note we will not allow any campervan-Motorhome ,Motorcaravan with a wood or log burning stove on to our Insurance scheme.