Welcome to the Motor-Caravan Club Of Ireland

After a period when our web pages had gone stale it’s now being   updated by a new webmaster Declan Mckeown  and a fine job he is doing. The new forum is up and running, the Motorcaravan sales pages are back starting afresh. We will only allow members to put their campers for sale on the sales pages.   We are now in control of putting up the  members campers for sale.  News will be updated daily  so with peoples help it’s going to be exciting. We welcome all kinds of contributions and more importantly positive comments.


 Our History

The Motor-Caravan Club of Ireland was formed in 1983 to act as a forum for those like minded people who are interested in the pursuit of the Motorized caravan.
The  Club has been highly successful in promoting the use of the motor-caravans here in Ireland and has encouraged friendship amongst thousands of people of similar persuasion. It has also supported the tourist industry, and encouraged motor-caravan owners and hirers from other countries to visit Ireland.

Membership of the club is reserved for people who love the free way of life that the motor-caravan can give and are of good character. The Club require people who seek to join to be recommended by existing members.

Our website is a starting point for everybody interested in this fascinating hobby. We would like to invite members and visitors to share hints, tips and ideas with us in our free forum.
Lots of people are innovative and this can be quite helpful, so log in and partake in the fun.
The pages of this web site are here to provide help and assistance and of course a modicum of fun for all who visit our site.