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Edit update 9th Jan 2019

The good news starting  is that there will not be any price hike on our insurance policy scheme with Allianz this year, the Government are applying a levy to compensate for the disaster the was KUDOS Typical we have to pay for others greed.

 More to follow later


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This where we are updating New News.

Something new has come to our attention, about people buying off Done Deal, we are advising  all potential buyers to do a car check. A potential new member brought this to our attention buying a camper that is on done deal the mileage is spurious .hop over to our New News pages  for more 

.  .  As with all weekends   our phone is on answering machine and is monitored so ,if any member has a problem leave a clear message.your name and phone number speak clearly and slowly lots of people speak fast and tail off, we don’t get the full number  and you will get a call back.

Please remember there is no breakdown cover on your insurance unless you have taken out the special auxiliary breakdown and repatriation insurance with AGA Mondial.


 There has been a modest price increase in our insurance deal but we  assure members that you get what you pay for and the deal is better than the price  of the 3 companies who insure campers we have the best deal.  Allianz are conservative,(that’s good) and while some people think it’s little bit extra over the two rivals, things they should seriously consider, Can you tow a trailer without extra costs, can you do temp or permanent substitution without being charged ? Can you substitute a car for the camper while its being serviced? can you use your camper to go to and from work?  Can your camper be your main vehicle ? Can you get repatriation insurance cover while touring the continent ? of course you can,

Allianz give the best cover, not the cheapest but the best overall package(we have been associated with Allianz for 20 years.  All members that have not renewed their insurance by the first of May 2018 will be cancelled and if they want to renew they have to re apply with full documentation. Allianz  were very fair and gave 2 months to get their stuff in.  People who apply now will be going on the new 365 days deal.

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don’t forget to look at  the New News pages some news bits about home built  conversions.

 Things are returning to normal, our office hours are 9.30 to 5PM Monday to Friday , outside of these times  if you need us leave a good clear message on the answering machine we will get back to you.

Our Club Insurance scheme . as of 01/10/2015  we are now going 12 months cover.,


 All Insurance prices are going up.apart from the fact that the financial Regulator told all insurers in 2017 to increase their prices  between 20% and 50%  in some case the increase has been quite modest.


 Looks like and Chill have priced themselves out of the market 

Everybody that can hear and see knows that the insurance companies are  no longer”flying kites” seeking to putting up their prices, where they can. they have done so. They have been instructed by the financial regulator to increase their prices. The CelticTiger is back with a vengeance 


 We have amended our Height rule on the  FAQ page We can and do insure low roof campervans provided they pass scrutiny by our appointed engineers.  

We put up breaking or important news on the front page, It’s astounding how many people don’t read any further than the front page.  People seeking information should search the relevant pages

 Some people ask about joining on line, this we do not do as we are selective,however  it’s quite easy, just go to our about us page and see what you have to do , We have no problem sending out by post  (snail Mail) an information pack.

Decent people are never exact!

  As of 5th Sept 2014 We  appointed a new SQI to assess motorcaravans on our behalf in the south west Michael Moynihan of Kerry Campers  087 1350500

 Our History

The Motor Caravan Club of Ireland is 35 years in existence, it was formed in 1983 to act as a forum for those like minded people who are interested in the pursuit of the Motorized caravan. The  Club has been highly successful in promoting the use of the motor-caravans here in Ireland and has encouraged friendship amongst thousands of people of similar persuasion. It has also supported the tourist industry, and encouraged motor-caravan owners and hirers from other countries to visit Ireland.

Membership of the club is reserved for people who love the free way of life that the motor-caravan can give and are of good character. We have but one rule GOOD MANNERS. Where Possible the Club like people who are   seeking to join to be recommended by existing members but if you do not know any member just inform us and we can see what can be done.

Our website is a starting point for everybody interested in this fascinating hobby. We would like to invite members and visitors to share hints, tips and ideas with us in our free forum. Lots of people are innovative and this can be quite helpful, so log in and partake in the fun. The pages of this web site are here to provide help and assistance and of course a modicum of fun for all who visit our site.

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