Breakdown Cover



Brief outline of our Club Breakdown and Recovery deal with Mondial

We have negotiated an excellent deal with Mondial or as they are now known AGA (Allianz Global Assistance), as of 2013 they allow car hire for 1 day  , As 99% of motorcaravans are self sufficient we only asked for a  reasonable premium charge for Roadside assistance and repatriation to Ireland.
The deal is on a yearly basis for all motorcaravans  up to and including 15 year  between 15 and 20 years  they will insure for a one of journey /trip  for not more than 90 days at any one holiday. As of 2014 they will only insure campervans up to 70 mtrs in length.    €100 a year. There are no frills or thrills just assistance and recovery to your home in Ireland.

Mondial do not pay for repairs or parts.

What you have is the comfort of knowing that you will get assistance  and that you ,your family and your motor-caravan will be repatriated back home to Ireland.
They will insure a Camper 15 years to 20 years but at double the premium and it’s per holiday trip only provided the member can produce evidence the motor-caravan has been properly serviced within 4 weeks of embarking on the holiday.
They will not come and change a tyre, unless it’s a lady member on her own or an elderly male, or a person with a medical problem and then it’s at their discretion with confirmation from the club.

Basically If you break down anywhere on the continent within the European Union, Mondial will render assistance to try and get the motor-caravan going, should they fail at roadside assistance they will tow you to the nearest garage .If the garage can effect assistance and get you going you pay for any labour and parts.
If the said garage fails to get you going Mondial give you the option of being towed to a main dealer within 200 Kilometers or being towed back to Ireland.
Remember you live in the Motor caravan.

The Bigger Motorhomes. Sorry but As of 2014 they will only insure campervans up to 7. mtrs in length.
American or anything over 7 m they will  not cover even at a higher premium .
You are covered in the republic of Ireland for roadside assistance and tow you to the nearest garage, they won’t tow you to your home within Ireland.
Mondial is the only game in town so don’t knock it. It’s the best part of €5000 to get you and the camper home from Greece, Southern Spain or Italy. €3500 from middle France
What must members do ?

Members must contact the special Motor caravan Club telephone line at 1800 226737, give their up to date club membership number and a credit card number you may pay by cheque postal order ,it’s a bit slower. It’s all quite easy. They always check that a person who takes out the insurance is a fully up to date member

In the event you do not have a bank account you can pay the club in cash and the club will issue a cheque on the members behalf. When there is a request for assistance Mondial AGA  always confirm with the Club that the person requesting help is a fully paid up member.