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    Hi anyone out there who has a suggestion how buy a replacement for a window on my 2000 reg KNAUS Sun Traveller? The kids left one of the windows on the top berth open without us knowing, and the first we knew about this was the dreaded crunch we heard passing bushes on a narrow road. Do we have to order new from manufacturer or is there any useful breakers out there ? :-(



    Try East coast campers seem to be breaking stuff , PM plastics in Newtownmountkennedy co Wicklow 0872679366 can make a copy if you have a window to copy or ask Michael 087 1350500 if he can source a new one for you,



    Brilliant thanks usefull info….



    re: Insurance for regular vehicle affected by windscreen replacement.

    I rang for an insurance quote for my new car. They asked if I’d any claims for accidents OR windscreen replacements in the last four years. I had claimed for a camper van windscreen last year (Renault Master converted) and told them this. It resulted in an extra €80 to the policy premium!!! Their quote was for approx €670. I have full no claims and had been with them the last five years. I cannot understand this, premiums are supposed to go down!

    For those interested, and I’m in no way connected to or trying for business, I checked on the internet for insurance and got Chill first in the google search. I thought this was a website that looked around for a best quote on the internet for you, but eventually realised it is a broker, in Cork I think. I don’t watch TV as a rule and hadn’t seen their ads and support for one of the soaps. Anyway I typed in some details and just after I’d typed in my telephone number, I got a phone call. Guess who? Chill insurance. I told them everything, even the windscreen saga with They were happy to give me a quote – €360 and they even knocked a tenner off that for goodwill! Needless to say I now have Chill insurance on a 2009 Chevrolet.
    It pays to shop around.

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