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    I am not an owner (sorry) of a campervan or Rv but am doing a course on tourism and it bothers me that site’s are always outside the town limits ,Is this what motorhome ?Rv people want, I would like to know what would intice you to stay in town , ie overnight or longer and avail of the offerings that we have to offer Thank you for your help.How could we make yoou stay in town ?



    Well I guess I kinda like the peace and quiet of just outside a town and also the perceived safety that someone or some group of people won’t come upon a site and decide to have a look around…………..


    Mrs scarecrow

    I believe there should be more campsites or motorhome stops in and around towns like in France as it would encourage people to spend money in the town. Motorhomes because of their size are sometimes difficult to park in towns so if you can walk to shops pubs and restaurants you would spend more in the town and it would increase tourism in Ireland

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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