A great leap forward occurred in 1998 when the then Minister for Finance Ruari Quinn TD announced the Motorcaravan V.R.T. would be reduced to 13.33% of open market value as distinct from the draconian 33%.

Most motorcaravans herein Ireland are imported. Some are home conversions and some intrepid builders have built a few very good home builds. There could be a labour intensive industry here in Ireland building motorcaravans, were it not for high labour costs and overseas competition. Not that motorcaravans should attract any such a duty under the Treaty of Rome free trade agreement, for as a vehicle, they are not commercial. They are strictly private. 90% of motorcaravans are used at weekends and holidays.

Ireland the land of unaccountable assholes.

As of June 2014 some  person in  Revenue  decided to reinstate the height rule of 1.8 mtr’s  (6ft in old money) but  it appears that the threat of legal action put a stop (maybe just a hold) on that idea . They did say however that they will allow pop tops (elevating roofs ). There is some confusion with the importation of a properly constituted motorcaravan ,being imported from another member of the EU where that vehicle is already recognised by the authority of the country from which it is being imported. the Revenue have said they have no option to but to give recognition to that vehicle.

Ireland is not a full member of the EU ,we do not enjoy free travel  (we still need passports in Europe, and we do not have freetrade, If ever they give us a vote to stay in or out I  personally would vote to get out of the rich mans club.