Road Tax

Reduced Road Tax

We are now the envy of Europe thanks in no small part to the efforts of Motorcaravan Club of Ireland.  We have achieved the lowest rate of Road Tax in Europe, (€102), and with the club, you can insure a camper van fully comprehensive for less than €350 all year,  provided you are aged between 25 and 80 years with a full clean driving license and a positive proof of driving experience. In simple speak that means you are an insured person on your own car, are a named driver on somebody’s car or van and can prove you have had no accidents or claims in the past 3 years. The Motorcaravan Club will insure properly converted low roof motorcaravans , the Club will not insure cars or people carriers that are converted. provided that the conversion is inspected by the SQI appointed by the club

This insurance policy is full and complete;  there are no restrictions,  terms or conditions and you don’t have to have another vehicle.

The Club has negotiated with Mondial a very good annual breakdown and recovery (from anywhere in Europe) deal for all members from 2006 and going forward. details from the club.

As of June 2014  Revenue have decided to reinstate the height rule of 1.8 mtr’s  but will allow pop tops (elevating roofs ). There is some confusion with the importation of a properly constituted motorcaravan ,being imported from another member of the EU where that vehicle is already recognised by the authority of the country from which it is being imported. the Revenue have said they have no option to but to give recognition to that vehicle.