Height Rule updated 6th May 2021

 Camper Height Rule Legislation      What Height Rule?   There is no height rule and never was .

The Motorcaravan Club will insure properly converted low roof motorcaravans provided that the vehicle is inspected and passed by one of our appointed engineers.

We have our standards which we will maintain.

This also applies to all home built  or van conversions .

As of now July 2014 the internal “standing ” height  has not changed,  what has changed is the type of vehicle we as a club will deem to be a proper motorcaravan, We can, and do take low roof properly converted commercial vehicles such as Volkswagens Toyota Hi Ace, Renault Traffic,  Renault Master , Iveco Daily and any other commercial vans that have been properly converted.  We do not take cars or people carriers.

We have a provisional list  of the type vehicles we do not take, its in our information pack which we send on request .

In Simple terms.
 You have to be able to live inside the vehicle, that means in simple language, cook, eat and sleep inside the vehicle , not stand outside in the wind and  rain with the back door open to cook or wash.

All converted vehicles will still have to be signed off by a SQI.  Anybody seeking to use our insurance scheme with a low roof conversion will have to have it signed and certified by OUR appointed engineers.

On the first of May 2014  We made a simple rule as regards our definition. if you have to stand outside of the vehicle to cook or wash it’s a camping van, not a motorcaravan. We do not insure any vehicles that do not meet our criterion.

difference between a camping van and a Motorcaravan, one is used for going camping ,trow an auld sleeping bag on the seats and get a gas burner to boil a kettle, the other is a habitable vehicle.