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Home Builts and Conversions

The status of home built’s is changing all the time, Revenue have brought in much needed controls , some of the rubbish we get asked to approve are unbelievable. we have a name for them Scamvans. An immediate give away is lack of curtains.

The Club will insure standard roof vans that have been properly converted and certified by one of our appointed SQI engineers, The rules are you must be able to live in and from the interior, cook eat and sleep inside the vehicle. You cant open up the back door and cook outside, these are day cruiser vans. Sometimes call Dayvans., There are a number of good converters in Ireland that we approve, Cosy Classics , Happy Campers, Tom Turner. The vehicle must be fit for purpose (safe) we have a simple flyer “Whats a Motorcaravan”available free to anybody with the guidelines as to the requirement to turn “a sows ear into a silk purse“. We supply a number of good booklets How to  buy a campervan  ,”now that you have bought it what Next” The Tavern Trail.  

Ferry Travel

Always have a good look at your booking, if you do not have marine Insurance your camper is not covered while at sea and that means not tied up at a dock. Check with your Ferry provider.